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Sprosti, ne moremo najti tvojo lokacijo :(
Sprosti, ne moremo najti tvojo lokacijo :(

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Booking online bus tickets is a mess, there’s too much incomplete information, limited online payment methods, and lack of easy comparing options. We know a secret: it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve built a system to fix these problems.

We work with all the bus companies to make sure you can see all your options with clear and updated pricing and schedules (and with great discounts thrown in). Panicking about your bus at 4am? Just call us. We’re always here for you.

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What all of this adds up to is a company you can trust. With clear information, no hidden costs, and the same secure payment system used by companies like Uber, Vollo is here to make online bus tickets easier than they’ve ever been. You’re welcome.


We work with bus companies to get you the cheapest bus tickets possible. Then, we let you easily compare them without worrying about hidden costs.


Want to keep your options open? Vollo allows you to book open tickets so you can get to your destination when you need to.


Forget tracking down local sites for each country, Vollo connects more than 70.000 destinations in 20 countries (and growing!).


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